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1. Faster & more efficient Pre construction process

  • Framewayz does the lot! A fully engineered, integrated system produced by one company that designs & manufactures the structure. Framewayz reduces the hassles and gets you; the builder onto your next project faster!

2. Faster Production Time

  • Work done ahead of time offsite
  • No loss time due to weather or trade availability
  • Reduce costs on; scaffolding & holding costs

3. Quality Sustainable System

  • Advanced machinery delivers a consistent integrated product
  • Quality controlled factory environment
  • Installed to best practise principals
  • Material exposure to the elements is reduced
  • Minimise waste via optimisation of material due to the fabrication process
  • Minimal waste on site

4. Safer

  • Minimal work being done at height
  • Better materials handling
  • Reduced exposure to site conditions

5. Fixed Project Price

  • Lean controlled manufacturing processes allows for a fixed installed price
  • No errors or omissions of materials
  • Less variations due to the integrated planning process
  • Controlled construction schedule ensures predictable progress payments for builder

6. Why we love WOOD!

  • Low embodied energy
  • Carbon storage
  • Maximise green star rating
  • Renewable resource
  • Locally available